Coral Silver, a mining corporation established in 2011 in Mexico, works to search identify and develop solid potential projects. Coral Silver had 30,000 hectares of mining claims. Our company has now positioned 6 mining projects in different world class mining companies.


Our Vision

Coral Silver seeks to create a new source of opportunities of riches and development in the economic, social, and environmental realms, by presenting the mining industry with world class projects.

There are no technical reasons why Cobriza could not be mined to considerable depths using modern mining technology.
— Dr. Peter Megaw, COO Mag Silver

The location of the majority of our projects is in the San Dimas district in the state of Durango in Mexico. The mine is located on the border of the States of Sinaloa and Durango, some 125 kilometres northeast of Mazatlan in central west Mexico. The site is accessed via a 45 minute flight from either Mazatlan or Durango, or by road through a ten hour drive from the city of Durango.