La Mojina

The Mojina is a historic mine, which geologically consist on a carbonate replacement deposit (CRD), the same as presented in 5 de mayo project and Santa Eulalia, first owned and being currently explored by MAG Silver, the deposit in this mine has two geological bodies, the superior one was worked by Wadier Srorr between 1944-1948, they would send raw material to the Avalos furnace. The total production at the time was of 25,000 tons. The basic geological studies show great promise giving 2 gr. of Au and 159 gr. of Ag. This project has already received proposals from MAG Silver.

  • Mineral contents: Gold, silver, lead, zinc and copper.
  • Location: Chihuahua, Mexico
  • Property type: own property.
  • Legal Status of the project: Title in force.
  • Access and communication: Optimum dirt road dose to paved road. Cellular signal.
  • Situation of the project: Exploration and exploitation.
  • Investment options: sell out, partial sell, society and exploration.
  • Mine dump ready for processing. (Lab results)

The project is comparable to Santa Eulalia of Grupo Mexico (located in Chihuahua, Mexico).